Press Releases : January 2010

Immigration ‘No answer’ to Pension Time Bomb
The ‘myth’ that continued mass immigration is the answer to Britain’s pensions time bomb has been described as ‘totally dishonest’ by a new report out today. The report… [Read Full Article]
January 25, 2010

Immigration curbs could have a decisive impact on the election result
Second only to the economy in key marginals

The extent to which immigration is likely to play a decisive role in the forthcoming election is spelled out in a new poll published today. The poll, conducted by YouGov for Migrationwatch, was held in… [Read Full Article]
January 18, 2010

Massive Increase in Family Visitors
Appeals Now Cost Tax Payers £1 Million a Week

Appeals against the decision of immigration officials to refuse family visas to enter the UK have increased eight fold since charges were abolished by the government in 2002 and are now running at over… [Read Full Article]
January 2, 2010

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